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Apparatus Service: Our 10 bay sales and service center in Murfreesboro is equipped with a fully staffed Sales, Parts, and  Service Departments. Our service department includes two EVTs that are certified in all areas of apparatus repair. Their EVT  certifications include:

  • F1- Maintenance, Inspection, and Testing of Fire Apparatus
  • F2- Design and Performance Standards of Fire Apparatus
  • F3- Fire Pumps and Accessories
  • F4- Fire Apparatus Electrical System
  • F5- Aerial Fire Apparatus
  • F6- Allison Transmissions

MSA Service:

Our dedicated MSA service van is stocked with MSA repair parts, air supply, and a Posi-Chek 3 system that allows us to perform most repairs, mask tests, and annual flow tests at your station. Our MSA tech is C.A.R.E. certified by MSA.

RESQTEC Service:

We have techs that been trained by RESQTEC to perform annual maintenance and repairs on your RESQTEC tools and air bags.