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RESQTEC Hydraulic Extrication Tools

RESQTEC is a leading manufacturer in the rescue industry.

RESQTEC develops, manufactures and markets high performance rescue solutions. RESQTEC’s major products consist of hydraulic and pneumatic rescue systems, from cutters, spreaders, rams to lifting bags. Products are primarily dedicated to extricate victims from entrapped positions, but not limited to. Through their own R&D departments and manufacturing plants RESQTEC products are used around the world by fire fighters, police, militaries and smart teams among others. RESQTEC is responsible for major innovations like NT lifting bags, Q1 confined space cutter, or R2S Aircraft Recovery System. Rescue range also consist of ventilation systems, cribs blocks, stabilizations and lighting systems. All products are similar in the way that they all are primarily meant to safe lives or protect citizens. Developing products RESQTEC strives to always provide high performance and smart solutions, by making use of the latest technologies in materials and engineering.

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Resqtec Extrication Hydraulic Tools

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